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The Rise of the Localvore (Eating Local)

By Vanessa Richins

As gas prices soar, raising the cost of food along the way, a new breed of enthusiasts has been born.

Dubbed ‘localvores,” these people strive to only eat food that has been grown or produced locally.

Where can you get local food?

Obviously, the first place you could try is your own backyard or patio. If you have the space, this is the absolute best way! You know exactly how your produce was grown.

If you don’t have the space, try your local farmers’ markets and stands. You could also try a CSA – a Community Supported Agriculture organization.

I belong to a food co-op. Once a month, I place an order for shares of food. For example, I can pay $23 and get 4 different kinds of meat, 3 kinds of fruits, 5 kinds of vegetables, a side such as 1 lb. of rice, and a wonderful fresh-baked artisan wheat loaf of bread (my favorite!) They try to get as much as possible from local sources. I love it. This month I am even getting a farmers’ market share – 6 kinds of vegetables and herbs for planting.

Why should you become a localvore? :

-Less pollution (shorter transport distances)
-Benefits the local economy (you help people in your own community)
-More variety (most mainstream produce items are bred with a focus on shipping durability. When you don’t have to ship far, you can focus on flavor)
-Healthier (less preservatives are needed and nutrients retained when you don’t have to ship)

What other reasons do you see for becoming a localvore?

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  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    We’ve been eating locally and growing our own food for over a year now. We could give you a few dozen reasons to eat locally but here are our main reasons:
    1. lower our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels – if every person ate just one local meal a week, we would save 1.1 million barrels of oil a week. We’ll site Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal Vegetable Miracle” as our source for that information. If that isn’t enough to stagger your mind you need to have your pulse checked.

    In addition, take a look at the ingredients in most of your foods from the manufactured food machine. All you have to do is scan through a copy of Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and you’ll never look at your grocery store the same again. If the food wasn’t manufactured with some sort of petroleum derivative in it, then it was probably fertilized by petroleum products. Just pick up a bag of miracle grow and watch the petroleum and fossil fuels flow into the soil, into your food and into your body and the bodies of those you care about.

    2. No more “scares” – if you grow your own food or if you get it from a local source you know and trust, the food never passes through mass producing processing plants where it is affected by cross-contamination. It is this type of contamination in central processing plants that lead to the “scares” of poisoned tomatoes, spinach (even organic) and peppers.

    3. We’ll definitely agree with the author here that this stuff just tastes better. Food that was harvested and brought to market within the last 24 hours is a far higher quality food source than food that was harvest too early then treated with chemicals to ensure presentation after shipping. If you have ever eaten food right out of your local farmers market, you know there is no comparison for quality and taste.

    Okay… enough blog hijacking for now. Thanks for posting on behalf of all of us in the Localvore community.

    talk to you soon…
    The Shibaguyz

  2. Says:

    Thank you guys for such a terrific and detailed reply.

    I’d love to feature your response as a guest post unto itself. Let me know if that would be OK with you guys.


  3. Shibaguyz Says:

    reggiecasual – funny how we just now ran across this response to our response… talk about a delay! We would have been totally happy to have you feature our response. If you are still interested, just let us know!

  4. Says:

    Great! Many thanks!

    I’ll line it up to be featured in the next couple of weeks.

    Again, many thanks,


  5. The Reluctant Vegetarian Says:

    […] [eat local image from UrbanGardenCasual] […]

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