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Growing Gifts: A Salad

By Cindy Haas

A friend has begun making small themed gardens in planter boxes as gifts, and I was lucky enough to see one recently.

It was pretty and very much appreciated by its recipient.

The one I saw was a salad garden, and a planter box which was 2 feet by 8 inches wide grows enough lettuces to make a salad for two at least twice a week. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own salad garden in a box:

  • an oblong planter box- the ones I have are plastic
  • a mixture of potting soil and manure
  • a combination of several or all of the following seeds:
  • butter lettuce
  • red leaf lettuce
  • mustard
  • arugula
  • radish
  • ‘Bright Lights’ Swiss chard
  • carrot

Fill the planter with the soil/manure mix. Smooth the top and divide the space up into sections and plant one sort of seed in each section. As the various types of seeds germinate, you can thin them and eat the thinnings in a salad. As the plants continue to grow, cut enough leaves to make a salad.

The young radish and carrot leaves will be a tasty addition to salad, and later you can allow them to mature and eat the carrots and beets. This is a gift which will please anyone for the entire summer.

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