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Finding the Best Stuff for Gardeners

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By Cindy Naas

I love trading tips with other gardeners, discovering new plants to try or new varieties of veggies, and where to find the best products for my gardening.

I’m posting a list of my favorites, and I hope that our readers will provide tips in the comments.

I am always happy to discover a great new resource, and I hope you feel the same.

Simplexity: This company sells an algae supplement for people and pets, but they also sell the best organic fertilizer on the market, in my opinion. The fertilizer is called Planet Food, and is a combination of dried blue-green algae and volcanic ash, and is very high in minerals. It can be ordered online only, and you can find it at

The Cook’s Garden: These people have the most wonderful collection of heirloom seeds imaginable, as well as a wide variety of hybrids not often found in more traditional seed catalogs. In addition, their paper catalog always includes a lot of great recipes. They sell gardening tools and books as well, and are a friendly company. Website.

Lee Valley Tools: This company is my favorite source for almost every gardening supply. My secateurs, Felco Bypass Pruners, can be found in their catalog. They sell everything from boots to sun-proof labels, watering systems, a fantastic assortment of gardening tools, and all of these items are good value for money. Their tools come with good guarantees, and their customer service is amongst the best from any online store I have ever used. Website.

Richter’s Herbs: This Canadian company sells a huge variety of herbs. They sell seeds, live plants, dried herbs, books about herbs, tools, flower seeds, and give recipes on their website as well. I’ve found their plants arrive healthy and ready to go. Website.

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  1. LivingSimple47 Says:

    Much obliged. I intend to check them out right away!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. nazar Says:

    Thanks for your tips its really a valuable one. This surely helps the gardeners in selecting the best one.

  3. Dalene Birkeland Says:

    There is nothing more primal than being soothed by the sound of rushing water, no matter the source.

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