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Look at My Garden! See How it Grows!


By Michael Nolan

It has been a while since I have subjected you to an update of the progress from my own personal urban garden, so I felt it was something that as long overdue.

Here, therefore, is the latest in the ongoing saga that is my gardening life.

Despite a few devastating tomato-related setbacks (I lost quite a few of my seedlings due to an unfortunate run of bad weather), I have two strong and healthy heirlooms that are growing like gangbusters.

The two pictured here are my Mr. Stripey (“Livia”) and my Russian Black (“Svetlana”), both in 5-gallon buckets. Not pictured are my remaining seedlings from one Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter and one Abraham Lincoln Original.

Here is a close-up of one of my National Pickling Cucumber plants and a tiny little baby cuke. There are two of these plants running on stringers just beyond my front patio. Both plants are absolutely covered in tiny cucumbers and I can’t wait to bite into the first one of the season!

Now let’s move on to the most prevalent plants of my current season, the Kentucky Wonder Green Beans. I have plants in three separate locations in my front yard.

The first two are on either side of my front porch and are allowed to use the wrought iron railing as a climbing pole to see how high they can get. The second image is the plant that is resting against the front of my basement.

The squash are the only veggies I currently have in the ground and they are producing an amazing number of little yellow bundles of goodness. In the first image you can see the latest member of my family.

He is a small turtle that my partner rescued from certain death on a busy road last month that apparently decided he liked the yard well enough to stick around. We named him Toby.

The second shot shows you the very first squash of the season!

If you think that’s all, you’re almost right. I just wanted to prove that I don’t live in some Eden in the country. This photo is what you see out of my front door:

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