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Join a Community Garden

By Vanessa Richins

One easy way that urban dwellers can participate in gardening is through a community garden.

In a community garden, a group of people share plots in one common piece of land.

This is a great way for those with no space to still enjoy the wonders of gardening. You can look at the American Community Garden Association’s website, to see if there is one near you.

If there is not one nearby, you could consider starting your own. There are several steps involved in starting a community garden.

1. Planning: As with any project, you must firststart planning out what you intend to accomplish. Decide what kinds of plants. Try to find a garden sponsor to help with garden costs, and other sources of free materials.

2. Choose a site: Look around the area to see your choices available for plots. Be sure to ask permission from the owner. Test the soil to see nutrient levels, and if there has been any consideration. Make sure there is enough sunlight every day. Consider how you will water the site.

3. Prepare the site: Remove all weeds as necessary. You may also have to remove trees. Till the land and add in nutrients. Section off the individual plots.

4. Organize the garden: Once you have chosen your site, you also need to prepare a design of how the garden will be laid out. Rules must be laid out – for example, will you require that participants practice organic gardening? Set out guidelines of how things should run in the garden and what happens when people leave. Make everything clear.

5. Start gardening!: This is the best part. Soon you will be enjoying vegetables, fruits, and flowers that you grew yourself.

For more information, check out the American Community Garden Association’s website. I also have a list of companies, organizations, and funds that donate seeds and money, if anyone is interested.

Source: American Community Garden Association

4 Responses to “Join a Community Garden”

  1. nhnursery Says:

    I always am for the Start Gardening part. Eating fresh vegetables come in first though!

  2. BradLuyster Says:

    Unfortunately, all the community gardens around me have a waiting list that’s a half-mile long 🙁

    In lieu thereof, I’ve decided to create an epic container garden on my balcony, and blog the entire process (since this is my second year gardening, and my first year being serious about it):

  3. Paula Says:

    You mentioned that you have a list of companies, organizations, etc that give away seeds. Could you please send me that list. I have taken over the “running” of our community garden and have a number of gardeners who do not have the funds to “simply buy their own seeds & plants”. Thank you, Paula

  4. Check This Out Says:

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our
    whole community will be grateful to you.

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