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Beets Don’t Suck! And other Myths

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By Michael Nolan

When I was pondering my own container garden at home for this season, I wanted to try a few things I hadn’t grown before.

When a trusted vegetarian friend extolled the virtues of growing the beet, I screwed up my face like I had just been fed a mouthful of lemon juice.

Then she invited me to dinner.

Who knew those things that my mother force fed me as a child (to be completely honest here — the woman cannot cook) could be so amazingly flavor-filled and jaw-droppingly delicious? (I almost said ‘magically delicious’, but I don’t want a lawsuit from General Mills).

Anyway, suffice it to say that Corrine talked me into growing beets this year with the promise that she is going to teach me what the heck to do with them.

Thankfully I was able to teach her a thing or two about growing green beans. Seems that she was unaware that you could successfully grow them in containers, until I introduced her to “Big Brown” and “Eight Belles”. In case you are disgracefully uninformed, the former was the winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby and the latter was the runner up who had to be euthanized after severely fracturing both of her front legs.

They also happen to be the names of my two Kentucky Blue Green Bean plants, of which I am quite proud. They have both survived no less than 4 tornado warnings this season, with another round of terrible weather due anytime, I’m sure.

What is growing in your containers this year?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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