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Setting the Mood: Natural Privacy in your Garden

By Michael Nolan

One of the most annoying things to me about gardening in the city has always been how much attention it draws.

No, I’m not a hermit – I just like having a cup of coffee in my robe first thing in the morning, and I can’t do that with an audience.

It was precisely because of this problem that I came up with a simple solution — temporary, natural privacy!

I was already growing plants that vine anyway (cucumbers, green beans, squash, etc.) and in my area such things as honeysuckle vines are plentiful no matter what you do about them. Because I couldn’t build anything permanent at most of my locations, I used some creative ways to fashion temporary climbing walls and placed them in an arrangement that afforded me the utmost in privacy when I needed it most.

My favorite low-cost tool for use in my urban gardens was none other than the simple wooden pallet. Sometimes I would even paint them to look better while my plants got their start, but it was often not necessary. At other times I would use scrap lumber or even old gates and fencing, all of which gave my plants a great place to climb while allowing me to sip my morning cuppa in peace.

Another great temporary privacy solution for your urban garden is sunflowers. They grow uber-fast and will make all the neighbors jealous at the same time. Not to mention that you can save the seeds for delicious snacks while you have your private afternoon tea in your urban garden!

If you have any ideas about creating natural privacy in your urban garden setting, share them with us!

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  1. Fence Says:

    It is unfortunate that you are unable to erect a new garden fence permanently as there are currently so many attractive garden fencing products on the market. However your ideas of recycling old fencing and using flowers to obtain some privacy within your garden are great.

  2. Jan Says:

    Great ideas!! We are planning our garden and this was one of my first thoughts…..jus a lil privacy …I immediately thought of sunflowers….if all goes as planned I will send you some pics!! Have a happy new year

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