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Using a Trellis to Maximize Vertical Growing Space in Your Urban Garden

Square Foot Gardening SyStem -

By Reggie Solomon

Trellising is an ideal way to utilize the often overlooked vertical space in your urban garden.

You can find pre-made trellis systems from gardening supply stores or you can build your own.

I’m building using Mel Bartholomew’s square-foot gardening trellising system that is constructed from half-inch steel electrical tubing. In addition to providing more vertical growing space than off-the-shelf trellis systems, this system is also more inexpensive.

A trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store to figure out how much a basic trellis will cost to construct, made me very happy. A 10-foot piece of steel tubing only costs $1.34 which means I can construct an entire trellis for under around $10 (not including the one-time cost of buying a hacksaw to cut the tubing).

Trellis Elbow - Urban GardenThe only part of Mel’s trellising system that could be improved is the curved elbow joint that connects pieces. It looks a bit sloppy, and something with a cleaner angle, and more defined lines might be more preferable to some gardeners.

A Lowe’s salesperson helped me locate a 90-degree joint that will give Mel’s base design a cleaner and more modern look. If you have trouble locating this modern fix, just ask someone at your local hardware store for help.

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  1. Louis West Says:

    I built a 60 foot trellis in my back yard of a different design because of possible hurricanes in South Florida. I designed the trellis myself after extensive research for under 150.00 dollars total for 60 feet at 8 foot height. I am doing a small trellis on my side yard now estimates coast is 50.00. This will be a more traditional design with a twist. I used 1/2 piping to keep the cost down and have a sturdy trellis result. Found the pipe to be a great way to do this. When you paint it helps transform the look.

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