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Measure and Sketch Your Garden

Garden Sketch4By Reggie Solomon

Take an afternoon to measure your garden and can sketch it on paper so you can figure out how to best maximize your space.

You wouldn’t construct a building before creating blueprints, so why start gardening before planning your site?

Use a simple tape measurer to determine the dimensions of your garden. In particular you’ll want to note features such as sidewalks, storm doors and stairways.

Urban Garden April 2007 - UrbanGardenCasualYou can use graph paper to create scale layouts or just create a simple approximated garden. I created two sketches of my backyard, the first sketch notes dimensions and the second sketch show the graphical space of my garden optimized for square foot gardening.

Once you have these sketches you can make photocopies of them and plot various garden layout ideas. From a planning perspective, having copies you can write on can really help you visualize how certain garden plantings and visual elements work together.

Garden Sketch 3

After measuring my garden, I’ve decided to annex more growing space for vegetable growing on the left side of the yard which is presently covered with mulch. This side of the yard gets really good light and could be annexed without sacrificing any key social space for summer gatherings.

Taking the up front time to measure and sketch you garden, will definitely help you maximize your enjoyment of your urban garden space.

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