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First Online Seed Order of the Gardening Season

Seed Order - reggiecasualBy Reggie Solomon

Narrowing down a list of what seeds to order online isn’t easy.

Today is my first big seed order day, and I’ve ordered a lot of seeds online (which the seed-provider companies will love) and am storing the leftovers for next year and sharing seeds with friends (which the seed-provider companies won’t like so much).

I want to plant at least two varieties of most vegetables I plan to grow, so that I can grow like a wine-taster. In some cases, like with basil (a personal favorite) I plan to grow six varieties, and am bordering on ordering more than my garden can accommodate.

It’s so tempting to just add “one more” seed packet when it only costs $2-3 a packet.

If my mother were helping me put this list together, she’d likely tell me what she used to tell me when I was a little boy and put more food on my plate than I could possibly finish:

“Reggie, your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

Here’s to bigger eyes!

The final damage amounts to $277.52 and includes 15 seed starter trays, flats and Johnny’s special germination mix soil.

Come to think of it, that’s less than the cost of five Saturday nights on the town.

Since I’m going to be able to use seed ordered this year for next year’s garden as well, the damage isn’t so bad, especially when amortized across multiple years. I hope the seeds come in early next week so I can sow trays next weekend.

Seeds Ordered Today:

J = Johnny’s Seeds

B = Burpee



Golden Rave – J

San Mazano – J

Valencia Tall Vine Heirloom — J

Tomato Tomande – B

Golden Mama – B

Red Lightning – B

Big Rainbow Heirloom — B

Sweet Tangerine — B

Viva Italia – B

Pole Beans

Fortex – J

Marvel of Venice – J

Northeaster — J

Purple King – B

Bush Beans

Green Pearls Soybean – B

Broccoli Raab

Spring Raab – J

Sessantina Grossa – J


Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix – J

Spicy Greens Mix – J

Green Butterhead Sylvesta — J

Black Seeded Simpson — B

Bibb Blend – B


Sweet Thai – J

Mrs. Burns Lemon – J

Dark Opal – J

Italian Large Leaf — J

Summerlong – B

Lime — B

Yellow Squash

Summer Squash Saffron – B

Winter Squash

Kobocha Orange Sunshine — J

Butter Boy Butternut Squash – B

Autumn Glow Butternut Squash – B


Tigress – J

Raven — J

Gadzukes – B


Baby Pam – J


Imperial Star


Green Wave – J


Fernleaf Dill – B


Santo Monogerm – J

Delfino — J

Edible Flowers

Scarlet Runner Bean – J

Borage – J

Nasturtium Jewel Mix – J

Nasturtium Trailing Mix – J

Signet Marigold, Lemon Gem — J

Anise Hyssop – J


Zebulon – J

Mexican Sunflower, Fiesta Del Sol – J

Procut Bicolor – J

Sunrich Gold – J

Cappuccino — B

Kong – B


Sweet Pea Prized Strain Mix — J

Thunbergia Alata Mix – B

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